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In today’s world finding a good computer is hard. Getting your current system repaired by an expert and not just “someone” at a store is even harder. There are many places that insinuate their technicians are the best and that they’ve all been well trained. The reality is that many times you’ve just left your computer in the hands of somebody who barely understands how to use their own computer.

Brand name store will hire anyone who can pass a 10-20 question test. Which supposedly can tell if you know how to fix computers. However, technology is always changing and what you knew today could be obsolete tomorrow. Expert techs are well informed and are constantly studying new products and software that comes out. Even then, with the shear amount of advancements made everyday, even the best techs miss things. With such an enormous amount of information needed and its ever changing nature, how can a short test determine a tech’s qualifications? Professional certifications for such fields usually have hundreds or thousands of questions and experts usually have multiple certifications covering a wide range of expertise.

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Professor Techie’s computer techs are experts in multiple fields and continue to learn and adapt to the latest technologies available. However, we aren’t experts just because it’s our job. We love computers and new technology. We are computer geeks that we love what we do. We don’t study our fields because it’s how we make a living, we’re excited to learn about the latest new computers and scientific discoveries. The truth is, we studied this stuff even before it was our means of employment. We study it because we’re geeks. So, the question is, would you rather have someone fixing your system because it’s their job? Or would you prefer a geek who loves what they do?

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Our Services

Computer Repair

Computer won’t turn on? Can’t get online? Having popups and blue screens that crash your system? We’ll diagnose and repair any computer system, no matter the brand or operating system. Our experts can have your system up and running in no time at all

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Virus and Malware removal

Computer running slow? Is your screen filled with windows that just keep popping up? Viruses and other malware are prevalent in today’s world, where every device is connected to the internet. These malicious programs are used in a variety of ways; anything from just causing an annoyance, to stealing people’s files and identities. Professor Techie’s techs will remove the malware and set you up with reliable internet security software.

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Custom Built Computers

Looking for a new computer? Or maybe you wanting the best system there is available today? We build custom PCs with your needs, style, and desires in mind; so that you can be truly happy with you new system for years to come. Additionally our expert techs pick out the best and highest rated parts on a case-by-case basis. Your system will be unique and should last much longer then the one year warranty that comes with store bought computers.

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Additional Services

We’re passionate about what we do.

Our Services

Data Recovery

Lost an important document? Either deleted it on accident or it simply disappeared one day? Hard Drive failed or you need your pictures off an old computer? We can recover those important and precious files from most systems. We have top-of-the-line data recovery tools and experienced personnel that can retrieve those files for you.

Electronic Recycling

Have an old computer sitting in a closet somewhere taking up space? Maybe you system broke down and you replaced it. Don’t throw it in the garbage but have it recycled. There are many metals and materials in a computer that should be recycled so as to keep costs down and prevent ground water contamination. Additionally, we will permanently delete your personal files from the hard drive before sending it on to be melted down. Have files you want off of it? Have our techs recover your data before recycling it. We’ll even hold on to the hard drive for a month, to be sure you have all your files before permanently erasing them.


Have a cool new idea or want to promote and legitimize your business? We can build and design a new website using today’s best industry practices. Our sites are fast, secure, and we use the latest SEO optimizations to help you site stand out among the masses. We can set you up with web hosting and copy-writing services as well. Even if your not sure you’re ready, we may be able to help. Contact us today to see what kind of site best suites your needs.

Our Service Area

Our current service area is Greater South Lake county a.k.a the Clermont Florida area.

We provide services to all of South Lake county including:

Kings Ridge
As well as all the area’s in-between.

Not in one of the listed areas? We may still be able to help with remote support.

If you need an on-site tech outside our normal service area, we may still be able to help. Contact us to work out an appointment and fee or we may be able to recommend someone in your area that we trust.

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“Fabulous Tech Support! These are the “go to” people for tech help when you need it.”

– Robin Blackburn

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“Problems with the latest update in Windows 10? Me too.
These are the people you want fixing it. Remote access help and very skilled. These are the only people who work on my systems”

– Brian Stevenson

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“I just had them build me an amazing gaming PC that saved me a ton of money.”

– Brad Garrett

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“All round wonderful people! They do a phenomenal job working with you and making sure your computer is well maintained and back to you in no time! Definitely coming back!”

– Trystan Kümm